Where The War Is

March 3, 2013 § Leave a comment

The cover of Monday’s No Particular Post depicted a cartoon of two presidential hopefuls going head-to-head in a boxing ring. Other candidates were shown shouting and waddling fists, anxiously awaiting their turns. The featured article reads “The Heavily Weighted Government Championships”. Politics had never interested Victor. The current economic climate was at its worst; expected, yes but none the less, he considered himself fortunate to be in his current position.

The adjacent column detailed the severe droughts plaguing the nation and further down still was an account of contaminated vegetables claiming the lives of the elderly and children. Victor, though sympathetic, did not care either way. He considered death by cantaloupe or tomato no less a meaningful death. He figured this the nature of things.

Victor was well dressed for the interview.  The lobby he was sitting in was empty and well decorated. Sweet fragrances and sounds of instrumentals blanket the air; no doubt the work of the secretary at the front desk. Plaques and pictures of the company’s perennial accomplishments were scattered about the walls. Magazines and newspapers strategically cascade the length of the lobby table. Victor sat patiently, frequently re-positioning his tie, waiting to be called.

In a moment of uncertainty he looked away toward the window. He noticed three flags just outside the lobby: the company’s, the state’s and the nation’s. The company’s flag puttered about with little gusto. The state flag showed ambition though fluttered about from side to side. He then took notice of the slightly ragged national flag hanging dead in the calm.

There was only one thought that coursed through his mind as he prepared to separate himself from the the rest of the world; to distinguish himself from the hundreds of mouths that may or may not need this particular job. It was good fortunate. It was to his good fortune that he tuned himself to the words his father had always spoke.

“Son, there is a begining and ending to everything”


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