First Friday

March 15, 2013 § 1 Comment

Routine and much awaited, the first Friday of every month is haircut day. I impatiently linger around the office the last quarter-hour of my shift. There was only the mile and a half drive standing between me and the only specialty micro breery type beerfrom the local towns of nowhere familiar to you. One blonde, 8 buffalo wings, sports highlights, another beer, dark this time, and the exchange in knowledge of the art in brewing and then, check please ! Next stop…rats, I can never remember her name. Veronica!  Next stop, Veronica. I must apologize my friends, though I may have had a few beers, I can’t help but chuckle, these few beers have been crafted by the hands possed by the love and talent passed down by our Lord to its maker. The drive is short, one block. I manage well enough. The radius at which the pendulum swings, thy name tag hanging from the automobiles rear view mirror, measures the level of inebriation; 30 degrees we’re still in the clear. Sunset is better in the spring, I feel.  Sunset in summer seems too expected. At this point, there stands only two and half, the half being a child, customers standing between me and Veronica.  Now, the crescendo to my spiritual and physical healing. The call of my name never sounded so revealing. Eyes stared with envy as I began my decent to the original American Dream. This is no longer a trip to minimize my look of inherited  barbarianism but the relishing in the finer and simpler things in life. The empty chair whispered sonnets as I approached. The wave of the plastic cloak covered me as though I were a King. Veronica ran her nails through the  thicket of my hair and began the resurrection. One by one, the excess in hair strands met their demise. Should their be a more magical ending to  such a wonderful day? I believe not. My utopia ended sooner than expected, sorely. I paid the lady her coins for her witchery craft and parted from my indulgence. Peace fell upon this man. I wondered home and relish the day when I again get to experience, the first Friday of every month!


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