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The man wiped the blood from his lips with the back of his hand. Dry soil had covered his face by now. His chest, back and head ached from the beating. The young cowboy slowly crept toward the bloody and bruised man; his worn leather boots chiming with every step.

“Is it really worth it?” the cowboy said to the beaten man.

“Look at their faces.” The cowboy pointed his pistol at the man’s wife and sons, frightened of the outcome. “Is this what you want for them; to be husbandless and to be fatherless?”

“I want…”

BANG! A single shot echoed the dry valley. The man’s wife and son’s bellowed out horrifying cries.

An older man, finely suited, stepped off his horse. The cowboy stood back as he approach the dead man on the ground.

“I had bargained with him too long.” The suited man said. He put his  pistol back in his holster. “This land and the water beneath it, now belongs to the town. This man, your husband and your father, died a hero today.”

The suited man returned to his horse, followed by the cowboy. The cavalry began to ride off save the young cowboy. He trotted over to the weeping family, looked at the eldest of the two sons, consumed with anger and fear, and said,

“I will be waiting for you.”


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