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Mens Vintage Cologne

There, in the head nurses arms, was a child soon to be a good man. The child grew to a boy then a teenager. In high school, his father gave him his first bottle of cologne. It was a bottle of Royall. The young boy then on the day of receiving his gift, applied only a single spray before school. It wasn’t by coincidence that he suddenly became more attractive to the ladies but that it was certainly because he smelled so good. So as he gathered his things such as his keys, wallet and watch he would make it a habit that before he headed out the door, he would spray not once but twice from the bottle of Royall. He won the game that homecoming night, got the girl and went home feeling like a King. In his mind he imagined it was because he smelled so good. It was sometime after college that he walked the stage with his class in search of that great career. It just might have happened that he got the job because he smelled so good. He met his wife in the diner that evening. She sat peacefully reading the paper when she was interrupted to borrow the salt. She had mentioned several times that it was because he smelled so good. When the call to arms came, he kissed his lovely wife, grabbed what he knew was important; her photo, his wedding band and of course, that old bottle of Royall. He wrote to her every night as artillery lit the warm, dark blue sky, spraying his letters not once but twice of Royall. It was torturous and satisfying to the young wife. On his return, safe from harm, she held before him a handsome young boy. It was on his 5th birthday that the boy knew his father by the distinct smell of that old bottle of Royall. As years had passed and the man had lived a life of great deeds he passed on his old bottle of Royall. It was, to his son, the greatest memorabilia that he ever retained. The day his father died and bequeathed his cologne, he sprayed not once but twice a spray of old Royall. He never felt more powerful and humble and he knew this feeling all too well; it because he smelled so good.

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