With Understanding

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Green weed fields surround the Southwestern plains of Texas as Gerald stepped out of the diesel truck. His steel toe boots hit the dry soil causing a whirlwind of dust. He watched as the lead operator opened the gate ahead. His caravan, only a few cars back, are responsible for closing the gate behind.

“I hear this rancher gets a million dollars a day.” Said Ronnie. Gerald looks at him in disbelief.

“Who said that?”

“The operator.” Ronnie said. “He said he’s got 10 or so skids and about nineteen miles of pipeline. What dumb, fucking luck. His property is right above the Eagle Ford Shale. What’s an old man going to do with all that money. I hear he’s still driving a beaten old pick-up with a mutt in the back.”

The operator drives ahead through the gate. Gerald watched as the rest of the caravan drove through before closing the gate behind. Ronnie stopped the truck to let Gerald back in. He wiped the sweat from his head and grabbed the bottle of water from above the dashboard. His cellphone buzzed. It was a text from his wife. He looked at Ronnie and smiled.


Two Years

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rock heart

It was asked: So, how long have you two been married?

I remember looking at my wife and seeing “everything I never knew I always wanted.” Which of course is her favorite quote from her favorite movie Fools Rush In and what I have found to be absolutely true. There was a certain glow about her when she looked at me that moment. I melted. Which is what I usually do. Who answered this annoying question is always a surprise. This is because whoever answers first usually tells the story of how we first met. Then, there are follow-up questions like You guys look so in love, what’s your secret? As someone who hardly likes talking about this particular subject, i.e. marriage and love and togetherness and feelings and such, I find it exciting knowing that I have secrets that I don’t particularly feel I should share with you. Partly, because I’m competitive but here it is: It’s because “I am better than you”. Which is my favorite quote from my favorite character King Julian from my favorite movie Madagascar. How I got this far in life and how I have become extremely lucky, surprises me (us) all. But the truth should be this: every married couple should believe they have it better than everyone else. Least, that’s how I feel. That’s why I hate this question. Because I can’t look you in the eyes and say: It’s because we’re better than you. No. that would be very rude. I can only look at my wife, then look at you and say…

Two years…no secret.


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